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Windows - Canon Zoombrowser

Comment sauvegarder la base de données de Canon Zoombrowser ?

How to save the Canon zoombrowser Database ?



This issue can be resolved using a fairly simple procedure. Please follow the steps below to remove and rebuild the database.

1. If it is still running, Exit ZoomBrowser EX.

2. Use Windows Explorer to delete the following three files: xxx.dat, xxx.idx, and xxx.zbd (where xxx is the name of the database, usually 'My Database'). Usually, these three files will be found in the C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Database folder.

3. If you find any files in this folder with an '.fcs' extension, such as D0000000.fcs, delete these files also.

4. Start ZoomBrowser EX again. If you receive a message advising you that the database has been deleted, click [OK]. On occasion, you may have to allow ZoomBrowser EX to close itself. Restart the program again. Also, if an 'Open Database' dialog box appears, click [Cancel] to close it.

5. From the File menu, select New Database.

6. When a 'multiple databases' warning message appears, click [OK].

7. Navigate to the location where you want to save the database (see step 2 above), then type in "My Database" in the filename box, and click [Save].

8. When you receive a message to identify an image library with your new database, click [Add image library now].

9. Navigate to the folder which contains your images. If you are using the default installed settings, this will be C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowserEX\Image Library One. With this folder highlighted, click [OK]. Be very careful that you do not select the wrong folder. The previous version of the database should now be restored.

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